Wednesday, April 30, 2008

America The Beautiful...Divided We Stand

I imagined it would happen one day...either a black man or woman for President. So here we are facing an interesting election time and with a double vision for what I thought would be way in the future....a woman or black man for the democratic presidential nomination. What bothers me about this prospect is that so many of us see the candidates as just that - a woman or a black man...not simply two people who aspire to hold what is one of the most powerful positions of a lifetime. Why is it that we have separated what they believe, what they stand for, and what they have trained for most of their adult lives by their gender or the color of their skin? Hilary has been a politician for so long and her husband served our country as President, yet she is the token woman. And Barrack, eloquent, idealistic,charasmatic, and also with a history in politics is being catorized as the token black man (yet he is of mixed race) . I consider myself fairly intelligent and I believe that most of the people I socialize with are farily intelligent also and I can tell you that in discussing who is the better candidate we never even considered the gender or race issue. Some that I know are impressed with Barrack's ideas and his visions for a better America and others feel confident in knowing that Hilary has the experience in goverment to put her ideas to work...nonetheless, neither have been judged by their skin color or gender. I saddens me that our media has taken such a stand as to pull apart our nation of intelligent voters by throwing into the mix of ideas and values, something that just does not fit. Obama and Hilary are worthy oponents and deserve to be where they are today because of their ability, experience, ideas, values, and love for this country. Please people, stay focused on this election and do no let the media persuade you otherwise! Vote Democrat! (hee hee just thought I would throw that one in there.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Nights

Time has certainly changed how I see Saturday night. I used to spend the day shopping for a great outfit or I would spend Saturday recovering from my Friday so as to revamp for another round later that evening, but none of that happens now. Time has slowed me down, made me much more mellow and much less self involved. I think now for my son and I spend my days wondering how I can make his days and nights fun, interesting, better than the last. On Friday we purchased something that he has been silently longing for...Play Station 2 and Guitar Heroe III. He is 7 and in his world there is no better way to spend a Saturday night then with a friend banging on the red, blue, yellow and green buttons to the tunes of songs that are older then me (well almost). Time moves fast so I know that in time my time will come again plan for a night out on the town or a night with friends...but for now, I will cherish these Saturday nigts filled with the sounds of laughter and excitement of a beautiful little boy who loves being home with his mom.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My son turned to me only moments after arrival and said, "Mom, do you know what my favorite thing about the beach is? It's the sound of the waves". And I said to him what I say every time we are there, which is often, "Nathaniel, there is no place more beautiful, more welcoming, or more wonderful than the beach". We then spent the day together, mother and son, digging, building, jumping, running, laughing and loving. After 3 hours of rough waves, skim boarding, and having fun to our hearts content we headed the short distance home. I have found my heaven here at the beach and with my little beach bum in the making we plan on having a wonderful summer here. So to those of you who know me and read this, make your plans, because this summer you have a place to stay at the beach! We are not going anywhere - we are home!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I made the mistake today of going to the mailbox. I am still in recovery mode. I should have known better then to end a perfectly good day this way - my mistake. Bills - they get me everytime. I knew they were there, but gosh I was not expecting the extra one - the uncalculated one, the one that pushed me over the edge! I had it all figured out this week and everything was going to be okay, then I checked the mailbox! It is not like I could have ignored it or escaped it - that uncounted $100 would have disappeared anyway...that is what happens when you do creative financing with your bank account. So you see, even if I wanted to put that one off (and believe me I do) I can't . So here's to another week, or should I say weeks of continued creative financing, eating scraps and just getting by.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Our friendship spans back almost 45 years. Imaging having a friend so long that you cannot remember the first chance meeting. We were infants together, our mothers sharing the common bond of new babies. And our love for each other has stood the test of time through grade school tirades, high school antics and teenager troubles. We continued our life endeavors through the trials and tribulations of loves and losses in love and sadly losses of live. We have laughed and cried together so many times and supported each other through it all. My dear friend I am so proud to call you that and so happy to be able to say yet again -Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay Singleton and Skinny - I blame you for this. I would not be here writing these words were it not for the both of you:) But, I will take responsibility for my words. I hope I do you both proud. I love you both and as usual, you have both inspired me! Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you have both shared. Reading your entries has thrust me back to a time when FUN was a predominant part of my life. So I dedicate this blog to the sisters who changed my life, gave it meaning, who inspired me to smile more than I ever thought I deserved and made for the best times of my life. Love you ladies!